We don't sell T shirts! But RedBubble does. We created the designs but RedBubble do the printing, take the money and full responsibility. Swift delivery worldwide and great value from a company that very much want to please and really care about their customers.

Choose the colour you would like and decide if you want long sleeves or a V neck etc. Simply click on the colour bar under the T shirt image and you can see how the design would look with your choice of style or colour. Then pay with Paypal or Credit Card.

These T's make great presents for obsessed film fans and humorous friends alike. You can have them delivered right to their door. We are adding new designs all the time and very much value your input and if there's a classic film quote you think should be on a T shirt, let us know.

Why Ingenuity Man? Why indeed. Any Withnail fan will tell you it's when Marwood and Withnail return from their 'weekend in the country' and find Danny in their gaff. They ask him how he got in. 'Ingenuity Man'. He says. The image at the top of this page shows the moment in the film when he says this. The logo is a West African symbol that stands for, you guessed it. Ingenuity.

email: info@ingenuityman.com

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